Native American Beadwork

Native American Beadwork
Book: Native American Beadwork
Author: Georg J. Barth
ISBN-13: 978-0936984124
Binding: Paperback
PublishingDate: 1993-03
Publisher: Schneider Pubs; First edition
Number Of Pages: 219
booklanguage: English
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Price: $24.95
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A beadwork classic. Newer books have better photos and in some cases, depending on the technique being discussed, easier to understand techniccal instructions; this book by Georg J. Barth is a great asset to serious beadworkers. Barth covers many hard to understand and little used techniques and is the go to source for techniques like lakes region bead weaving. Written with the exacting nature of a German engineer, Barth often highlights aspects of a technique that you may not consider and if one is patient with his writing style, you can literally learn difficult techniques right out of the book. Fewer photograph than contemporary books, often in black and white speaking to the printing technology and associated costs at time of print. A highly recommended book for anyone wanting a good history of beadwork as well as technical methods.

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